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People are Ream Development Corporation's Greatest Asset  
The professionals at Ream Development Corporation have expertise in a broad range of businesses and technologies, including legacy systems and client/server object-oriented application development and deployment. The entire staff of Ream Development Corporation maintains expert knowledge in today's important trends and technologies.

  John Ream 
Managing Director, Applications Development, Sales 
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  Paul Lichtman 
Director, Strategic Planning & Development, Applications Development 
  • Expertise in Technical Writing, Software Documentation, and Training  
  • Author of "The First Book of Lotus 1-2-3" published by Prentice-Hall  
  • Published over 20 articles for various journals and magazines including PC World & Lotus Magazine  
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft, Novell, and related products  
  • M.B.A., Columbia Graduate School of Business  
  • B.S., Engineering, Columbia School of Engineering  
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  George Vogt 
Consultant, Applications Development and Support 
  • Extensive experience in multiplatform interfaces  
  • Provides support for B2B, A2A, EAI and EDI applications  
  • Provides software training and support  
  • Assists software sales and marketing  
  • B.S., Mathematics, Kean University  
  • Graduate of Chubb Institute of Computer Technology  
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  Tom Beaty 
Consultant, Applications Development 
  • Expertise in SQL programming, data modeling, database design, multi-tier architectures  
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft, Novell, and related products  
  • Microsoft Technical Support Specialist  
  • B.S., Computer Science, Rutgers University  
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  Karen Judge 
Account Manager, Logistics, Coordination, Sales & Marketing, Brochure Requests 
  • B.A., Chestnut Hill College  
  • KarenJudge @ SensorySims .com

  Kim Sandhaaland 
Office Assistant 
  • B.A., Business Administration, Rutgers University  
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David Templeman - Consultant, Programming, Database Specialist

Christopher Anderson - Consultant, Programming

Stephen David - Consultant, Programming


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